The Altrex Number Plate Protector is Australia's #1 selling protector.  We have dominated the Australian market for 25 years.  When you supply an Altrex product, your customer KNOWS they are getting the best.

Altrex Number Plate Protectors are Australian made by local workers.  Our company is Australian owned and run.

Altrex products are long lasting and have a lifetime guarantee against cracking, crazing and yellowing due to the effects of the sun. When you choose Altrex you choose a high quality, long lasting product that customers will keep on their vehicle.

Legally approved for use in all states and territories

Why choose


  • Cheaper plastic surrounds reflect quality of a vehicle or of a dealership.  Plastic surrounds will crack, craze and fade in a short period of time.  They are cheap and they look cheap.


  • Many customers will, on delivery of their vehicle, immediately remove the surrounds.  Often they will replace them with an aftermarket blank cover, usually an Altrex Number Plate Protector. 


  • As the leading number plate protector supplier in Australia we are the main supplier to Autobarn, Supercheap and Repco.  Our protectors retail for around $40 so when you supply your customer with an Altrex screen printed number plate protector they know that you are providing them with the best product on the market and are far less likely to remove them.


  • Our quality assurance process is second to none.  Every cover is hand assembled in Sydney with all Australian made components.   Altrex is an Australian owned and operated company. 


  • We understand you are busy.  We make ordering and reordering very simple.  We respond immediately to enquiries, fast track orders and ensure that dealing with Altrex is as simple and efficient as possible.


  • Our customer service is what sets us apart from many of our competitors.


  •  Reordering is a simple process.  Reorders are generally delivered within a week.  Our components are all in stock in our Sydney warehouse and upon receipt of your order, our print staff commence preparing your covers.  No delays with shipping from overseas, no patchy or inconsistent quality, no misunderstandings with orders.



Altrex has been in business for 25 years.  Over that time we have developed a reputation for consistent quality of product, excellent customer service and a fast turnaround with orders.

Altrex Number Plate Protectors are quick and easy to fit.  They simply fit onto the plate with no screwing, drilling!

The Altrex product provides a generous border space which allows you to clearly promote your brand.

Unlike our many of our competitiors, Altrex Number Plate Protectors feature a thick foam seal backing that prevents dirt, dust and moisture from entering.  It also prevents rattling.

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